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Posted by Taraterror5 - August 9th, 2021

Greetings! As many of you know I now doing commission work. I am open to anything so long as the commission is within reason. However, due to a recent situation, I am looking to branch out to wider audience by reducing the price of commissions through the rest of August!

25% off all commission requests!

If you are interested hit me up with a private message either on here or on my twitter. They are always open.

I look forward to hearing from any new fans interested in my work. I so love making commissions as they really push me creatively. And remember I am open to both NSFW and SFW commissions. Ask me for whatever.



Posted by Taraterror5 - January 24th, 2021

Oh boy has my year started off with an awful bang. First a loved one gets evicted from their home duing a pandemic and I need to find a new day job. 2020 hasn't ended for me yet boys. But I'm still kickinga dn still drawing. Still got stories on my Wattpad, too, but holy hell have things been rough. Hopefully things calm down some for now.



Posted by Taraterror5 - August 11th, 2020

Boy oh boy this summer just flew by. Although that just means this year is gonna be over sooner right?


Just wanted to say that my latest art is gonna be part of a new series of drawings I plan on doing. The idea behind them is that of a coven of witches who gain their abilities through intercourse with demons. Of course this involves alot of erotic situations. I also plan on writing it as an actual story over on my wattpad. It something that sort of came out of the blue while drawing my latest piece.

I haven't really done something like this, so it should be quite the experience. Now that doesn't mean Im stopping all other drawings or even requests (which I do take) but this project will require alot of attention and work. That being said feel free to make requests through a DM on twitter or on a private message here on NG. Although i do ask not to spam me with a mountain of requests. A single message is fine, and very appreciated.

Well, that's all for now. Thx for supporting me and see ya next time

W/ Love -TT5


Posted by Taraterror5 - June 16th, 2020

Boy oh boy has it been a hot minute.

Clearly I haven't been active on this website for some time. Not to0 long after I made this account things transpired which led me to focus less on both this account and my drawing. Sadly, as many people arleady know, the year 2020 has not been kind. That sure is an understatement! However, today I change that. After months since my last post I am uploading my newest artwork. I'm so very excited to get back into drawing and sharing my work with everyone. Or whoever wants to listen to a crazy trans scaly with horrendous consistency to their work.

Hope to see more come of this account, and hope even more that I can bring out my best work. Looking forward to it. See you all very soon.

Love- Tara


Posted by Taraterror5 - August 7th, 2019

This is my first post on NewGrounds I guess. I started uploading on once I heard what was going on Twitter and decided I needed to have another place to upload (what I draw isn't always comfortable for DV). SO here I am ready to share my lewds to world... Again... on a different website this time.

Looking forward to a new, and hopefully bright, future!